Access after the Challenge for further experiements / publishing?

Dear Organizers and everyone participating,

Thanks a lot for your effort and great work. I was wondering how the procedure will be in demanding access to the robots after the deadline of today.
I am asking because we would like to further test and benchmark our algorithm such that we can later also publish the results. Therefore, we need to conduct more rigorous experiments.

We also wanted to ask the other participants and the organizers if anyone would be interested in joining forces and collaborating on writing a joint paper. We think that presenting various algorithms and approaches in one place and doing a thorough ablation study would have the biggest impact. Perhaps we could even consider combining our approaches to figure out which design choices make the biggest difference.

If you are interested, feel free to just write me an e-Mail - - we can then figure out the details. Of course, we are also very open to other suggestions.


Dear Nik,

Thanks for taking the initiative! We are very supportive of further usage of the platforms or a joint paper of the participants. The platforms will be turned off until early January for maintenance and because many of our staff will be on holidays, but after that we would be open to giving interested participants access again for research work.

If you would like to use the platforms please send us a short proposal describing what you would like to do, and how we could support that. Please specify during how much time you would need the robots and what objects you would like to work with (could also be new objects if they are available to us).

Best wishes,
The challenge team


I turned some robots on again and set the system back to the “phase 2” mode (i.e. using the cube). So far, the setup is exactly like it was during the challenge. Also your challenge accounts should still work to get access.
We are working on modifications like a variable episode length and will inform you here when there are any news.

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To keep things a bit organized, I also created a new category “Beyond the Challenge” in the forum. Please use this for any questions or discussions which are not anymore related to the actual challenge.

So this means we should just be able to submit things to run as before?

Exactly. Keep in mind, though, that the system is back in “phase 2” mode, so you may need to switch back to the corresponding singularity image.

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Cool, I was able to deploy again thanks!
Do you have a timeline of how long it will remain up for? Also are there still time limits of how long you can run for? (we aren’t planning to use massive amounts of robot time, but just to know)

We don’t have an exact timeline yet, but we want to keep the access open at least until the ongoing summary-paper project, initiated by @nik, is finished.

Regarding time limits, see Configurable Episode Length. The episode length can be configured now but there is an upper limit of 5 min (to prevent logs from exceeding the memory).

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