Allow large files in Submission system

Dear challenge team,

thanks for your great efforts.
It would be great if the submission system allows uploading additional large files, that are not in a git repo.
Background: A pretrained model file or other large files are really suboptimal in git. (Binary files of 10-100MB)
Suggested solution:
a) allow to scp files into a folder in the user’s home that is mounted into the singularity image
b) allow an overlay singularity image to be uploaded


Hi Georg,

Does this match your needs ?

Not really, because there is no way to transport any file to the systems outside git or the singularity image (unless I missed something).
But updating the singularity image (1.3GB) every run, just because I have updated the neural network weights does not make sense.

ok, will look into this !

the home directory is now mounted in:


It should be accessible during runtime by your program whether or not you are using a customized singularity image.

You may ‘scp’ files in your home directory (i.e. making them available in /userhome during runtime):

scp myfile

Thanks for pinging us if this does not work as expected.