Can I access robot outside the competition?

Hi @felix.widmaier,

I think I jumped in too late for this competition therefore I won’t be able to submit working solution. (I’ve crafted some spaghetti code and now I’m constantly battling ValueError: Given action is not contained in the action space) I’m curious is it possible to get access to robot outside competition if I provide you working solution for simulation or I have to wait till next competition?

A quick-and-dirty fix for the action space issue could be to simply clip actions to the valid space before sending them. This is actually done in the example policy (see here).

If you can’t make it work in time, we suggest that you still submit your code and proposal (you can set the reward in the submission form to -99999 and instead of the generated files just add some dummy text file). We will then consider your proposal and depending on the number of submissions we get, you may still have a chance.

@trust_level_0 This of course applies to everyone.

ok, thank you. I think I’ll play a bit with simulator for now. Also I’m new to robotic topic so I would like to learn basics. Anyway, you’ve made a truly unique and interesting competition and I’m looking forward to next edition.