Hard coded config directory

I believe that in the rearrange_dice_env.py script, there is a main CONFIG_DIR value that has been hardcoded for the actual bots. I was trying to use this script to initialise the simulation environment by trying to change it correspondingly in the reset function. Is there anyway to change this, or should i try an alternate approach. If yes, what would the alternate approach look like.

Thanks in advance.

Here a suggested solution:

on your desktop, create the folder /etc/trifingerpro and unzip into it the content of this file:


You may then mount /etc/trifingerpro to the singularity image, for example:

singularity shell -e --no-home -B /path/to/workspace/ -B /etc/trifingerpro /path/to/rrc2021_latest.sif

Alternatively, you can create a custom singularity image (see About Singularity — Real Robot Challenge 2021 documentation) that has a folder /etc/trifingerpro with the suitable content (see download link above).

Follow up:

You are likely to encounter other issues when attempting to run this executable in simulation. It looks like it has been developed only for running exclusively with the real robot.
(the environment is called explicitly “RealRobotRearrangeDiceEnv”, and no “sim” version is available).

Note that you are of course welcome to do many tests using the real robots.

Follow up:

There is now a simulation version of the dice_exemple_with_gym.py example script:

Please pull the rrc_example_package repository to the latest commit.

The hack mentioned above (creating a folder /etc/trifingerpro) is not required.

Thanks a lot vincent, this is indeed very helpful.