How to get timestamp from CameraObservation?

I get a TypeError when trying to get the timestamp from CameraObservation with camera_observation.cameras[0].timestamp. What is the proper way to get the timestamp?

The error message is:
TypeError: Unable to convert function return value to a Python type! The signature was
self: trifinger_object_tracking.py_tricamera_types.TriCameraObjectObservation) → List[trifinger_cameras::CameraObservation[3]]

The way you access it is correct. However, you need to import trifinger_cameras, even if not directly using anything from that package, as it provides the Python <-> C++ bindings for the CameraObservation type (not very nice, I know… I have to see if the structure of the Python bindings can be improved).

With that import it works for me but when I remove it, I get the same error as you.