Job Submission System Output

(It’s me again) We found the real robot system output is strange, I have tried twice, the result is the same.
First, the text file in the output ([user_stdout.txt]) acts unusually. The [user_stdout.txt] should print some messages in my program but it doesn’t. It printed once when there was an error.
Second, more importantly, the email output does not match the web[] output.
website info:
email info:
As shown above, the length of video should be around 4:35, but the camera_data.dat (after run the Convert to Video script) gives me a less than 1 sec video.
Please give us some advice.

Thanks for reporting the issue. Can I ask for the content of user_stderr.txt and report.json ?





there are additional output files in and .../stderr.txt which contain the output of the script running the robot and the user code. In case of a backend error, there should be some more useful error message in these files.

Note that these files are overwritten when making a new submission, so they always only contain the output of the last job.

The problem is solved.
Thanks for helping!

I am getting this exact set of output files, when I am trying to test my code submission on the simulation script. However, there does not seem to be any additional set of stderr.txt type files in the output directory. Any suggestions here?

Hi Kam,
My suggestion is to directly put print() statement in your script like print(reward) for each step, such user_stdout.txt should help you figure out which part goes wrong.
Additionally, here are some errors I found might be notable:
incorrect use of while loop;
wrong urdf path in, the correct path for real robot (works for me): ‘/opt/blmc_ei/install/robot_properties_fingers/share/robot_properties_fingers/urdf/pro/trifingerpro.urdf’;

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@kam.i The additional stdout/err.txt are not created when running in simulation but you get the corresponding output in the terminal where you are running it.

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