Not on leaderboard

I have just seen that even though I have successfully executed code on the robot, my team name does not show up on the leaderboard. Am I missing anything here. Does it run a fresh submission using the latest commit on the leaderboard?

Another question I had was that, would this task still be available to experiment upon after this stage?

Thanks in advance

I am very sorry, there was a typo in the user list that is used for the leaderboard. I’ll update the leaderboard as soon as possible.

Regarding the other question: Yes, that should be possible. However, we will need to do some update on the submission system first, to handle different robots working with different types of objects (this is already on the todo list anyway). So it may not yet be possible while Stage 2 is running.

I meant, is there any way that my team’s name does not show up on the leader board even if I have successfully executed code on the robot.

How about access to the Robot even after the competition? It really is a nice experimental setup. I’m afraid I have spent most of the time just setting up my code rather than actually designing experiments. Would be nice to have access.

I think my previous post was unclear. It was a typo in the script that generates the leaderboard. I just fixed it and re-ran the evaluation, so your team is listed now. Sorry again and thanks for informing us!

I expect that it should be no problem for participants to keep access for a while after the challenge. We will provide details regarding this later.

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