Note on Evaluation and Reminder about End of Phase 3

During this weeks evaluation round we observed that the code of one team crashed without sending any actions for some difficulty levels. We handle this now by computing the score for these runs based on the assumption that the object stays exactly at the origin the whole time (i.e. should be comparable to not moving the robot).

For the final evaluation please make sure that your code can handle all four difficulty levels. If you only have a working solution for some of the levels, you can probably simply use that as well for the “unsolved” levels. While it might not be perfect it is probably still better than not moving the robot at all.

This is also a reminder that phase 3 ends soon. The deadline for the code is this Friday, 11. December at 14:00 UTC. Please make sure that at this time, you have configured the submission system to use your final version. For more information see How to Submit Your Final Version (same as for phase 2).

The deadline for the reports is again a bit later on the same day at 23:59 UTC.

We wish you all the best for the last days!


Thanks for the clarification, @felix.widmaier!

Are there any chances the deadline could move a few days later as it is also the NeurIPS week?


It would be nice to move it because of the conference.

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Regarding the deadline, please see Extension of Paper Deadline.

@felix.widmaierthanks for the update and for the paper deadline extension. But unfortunately, the code deadline was left the same and it was very affected by NeurIPS as well - the conference lasted the full week and it was pretty challenging trying to work at the same on the final solution, running experiments, and the code submission.