RRC 2021 has started!

We are happy to announce that the pre-stage of the Real Robot Challenge 2021 has just started!

Some important links:

The posts in this forum from last year’s challenge will be kept for a while in case they are still relevant for someone but they have been archived and moved to a category “RRC 2020” to indicate that they are not relevant for the challenge of 2021.

Some hints for participants who want to reuse code from last year:

While the overall setup stayed the same, we moved from ROS 1/catkin to ROS 2/colcon for building the packages. Migration of packages is usually relatively easy, though, especially as we are not using much of ROS beyond its build system. See the Migration guide from ROS 1 and our example package.
Note that colcon also supports pure Python packages, so you don’t necessarily need to use CMake anymore.

Apart from the transition to ROS 2 we also made several updates to your software of which some changed the API a bit. Please refer to documentation linked above or ask in this forum if anything is unclear.