Singularity on ARMv6 processor

Hi there,

I just tried to pull the library://felix.widmaier/rrc/rrc2021:latest singularity image on my ARMv6 device and got an error. When I “singularity search” for it I get the following error message:

“No container images found for arm matching “library://felix.widmaier/rrc/rrc2021:latest”.”

Do I need to get an AMD processor or is there a way to fix this?

Installing singularity via the Debian package you provide didn’t work for the same reason, but I managed installing it from source.


We indeed only provide images for amd64 architecture at the moment, as this is the architecture on which the robots are running and on which we will do the evaluation.

If you want to work with a different architecture during development, you will probably need to build the image yourself. I’m working on making the corresponding files public and will update here when this is done.

However, I recommend that you get an AMD/Intel processor instead, as our software is only tested on amd64, so there is no guarantee that it will work on ARM. Further, we can only evaluate submissions with amd64-images.

Thanks for the info. Luckily, I’ve got Ubuntu as WSL on an Intel device. I’ll try it with that.

The definition files for the Singularity images are now available here in case you want to build them yourself for a different architecture: GitHub - open-dynamic-robot-initiative/trifinger_singularity at real_robot_challenge_2021
For the challenge we are using the “trifinger_user” image of the “real_robot_challenge2021” branch.

Please keep in mind, though, that we only officially support the pre-build image that we provide (or extended versions of it) and we cannot evaluate submissions made with images for architectures other than amd64.
So you may use a different architecture for developing but for the final submission you will need to use an amd64 image.

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