Stage 2 has started

Dear Challenge Participants,

Stage 2 has started. The robots have been equipped with the dice and are online again.

For general informations regarding stage 2 and the “rearrange dice” task, please see the challenge documentation. Especially make sure to read the section Changes Compared to Stage 1.

Apart from this please note the following changes:

  • The Singularity image has been updated. Some of the changes affect the behaviour of functions related to the task of stage 2, so please make sure to pull the latest version of the image and rebuild your custom images accordingly.

  • In the rrc_example_package a bug has been fixed in the example gym environment for the rearrange dice task. So make sure to pull the latest version if you want to use it.

  • Since the tricamera_log_viewer of trifinger_cameras has no option to visualise the goal, an extended version is provided via GitHub Gist. Note that this script also supports saving to video files. You can execute it using the challenge Singularity image:

    ./rrc2021.sif python3 --help

As always, don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear or not working as expected.
We wish you good luck for stage 2!

P.S.: The winners of stage 1 will be announced soon.

Hi Felix,

Are the results for stage 1 out?

Not yet, I’ll post a notification here in the forum once they are (which I expect to be in the next days). Sorry for the delay!